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» Battle Reports » prdezvous GDI Vs. nod Nod

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Type:Custom Match
Mode:C&C Mode
prdezvous beat nod

Game Length:Unknown

The game started very quickly. A lot of Nods quickly went for flamethrowers and attacked the Barracks. A couple engineers managed to hold them back with some well placed c4. After the first harvest I went for an APC.

A battle was starting in the field. As usual, Nod had moved onto mobile artilleries and were Beginning to shell to harvestor. The maneuverablility of the APC allowed me to move around a lot, wearing away at the weak armor. They quickly moved onto light tanks, and also had a couple laser chain gun black hand, who limited what I could do. By this point I had a hotwire, and had some ability to quickly get out and repair, but I eventually lost the APC when they started busting out the flame tanks.

I went for a hotwire and this time a medium tank. My team killed the two flame tanks and took to the offensive in a way. A couple stealth tanks were still in the field. I easily outfought one and the other was no problem for my team. We started shelling the hand of nod, but it was being repaired.

At this point in the game, nod was trying to vehicularly push us back. This was clearly a mistke as GDI vehicles have a clear edge. (A medium tank can beat any nod vehicle 1v1 with proper handling) They overlooked the obvious method of using Raveshaws or the laser characters. The only infantry method they tried was going up with regular soldiers to c4 us. I got a lot of kills in this manner.

With a huge point lead and about 5 mins left, we tried to rush. It didn't work too well, sending most of us back to base. I got a Power Suit Sydney, and they tried building stealth tanks, which failed pretty badly.

I got second place on team of about 15. Too bad the ranking system doesn't work. Seems like I end every Renegade report with that, doesn't it.

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