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» Battle Reports » f1reburn Korea Vs. Chaotixs Korea

Author:Paul (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Custom Match
f1reburn beat Chaotixs

Map:May Day
Game Length:7 minutes

When I got matched with Pat in the draw I was neither pleased nor displeased. He certainly isn't the best player on the site, but he's by no means the weakest and has beaten me before and currently is 2-1 up against Rob! Tongue

I started top and apart from missing my barracks placement delaying me by a quarter of a second I had a reasonable start securing my top left derricks and my own in reasonably quickly. Credit to Pat who could have possibly eaten one before I placed my pillbox (which I ALWAYS have queued ready on engi maps) and didn't.

My BO was ref > afc (3 eagles, 4 rocketeers) > second ref (sell first) > war fac (3 IFVs as Pat was also Korea, then a few tanks) > battle lab.

I sent my first rocketeer to scout and harass Pat and found him already with an Eagle so I picked at it with a lone rocketeer until he got his own in there. I scarpered him after getting half the Eagle's health. By the time that was out of there my 3 eagles were ready and I sent them over, destroying his AFC, although his 2 Eagles escaped in time.

Roughly this time I sent a group of 5/6 rocketeers to his northerly derricks to harass, and as soon as the Eagles were loaded again I sent them to another one of the four. I foolishly didn't send one of the 4 Eagles to help the rocketeers, but I still destroyed the other one, as Pat failed to repair it after the Eagles made a second trip.

By now I have an army of about 5 IFVs, 4 grizzlies and about 6 Mirage tanks and I note Pat's army is not as strong as he's been replacing AFCs! I send my combined force to his top derricks whilst distracting with eagles and rockies in his base and at his freshly placed Naval Yard (I placed mine a bit later than him) as he was obviously thinking with my air superiority he had to go naval to win. My tanks rampaged into his base and were met with little resistance, despite the fact his force was not insignificant. They just weren't co-ordinated as they attempted to stem my attack.

We said our GGs and that was it. Over quicker than I thought it would be, but on a more 'conventional' map I'm quite sure Pat would still be giving me at least a run for my money.
pat.JPG (233kb, 411 downloads)

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