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» Battle Reports » prdezvous Iraq Vs. muddina Iraq

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
Game ended with no result.

Map:Depth Charge
Game Length:Unknown

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I know it seems like a number of my battle reports start like this, but this game was also proceeded by a number of frusterating losses. I started in the topright, him bottomleft. Right from the beginning he calls me a mapper. He sent an amphibious transport loaded with six engineers. I did three engis three dogs, so my dogs eat all his engis and I take the entire middle. I send an amphib to scout his base and see him with four amphibs and a lot of rhinos. I start building rhinos in both my base and middle.

I build a dread and take out his conyard, warfac, and radar. Meaning he has lost the ability to build any anti-air, though the flak troopers he built hold me off temporarily. I que another dread and he sends his transports to the middle, I lose the tank battle, but I have qued another dread, and have a lot of tanks at my main base. I would've brought my submarines to the strip of water to stop him sending what tanks he had left, and used my tanks to take the transports out. But, He causes a recon error. I have put in a report on strike-team, not sure the replay is enough, but I still can't open the screenie.
game_replay_10199317_prdezvous_muddina.xif (135kb, 207 downloads)

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