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» Battle Reports » prdezvous GDI Vs. nod Nod

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Type:Custom Match
Mode:C&C Mode
prdezvous beat nod

Game Length:Unknown

Walls flying has always been a favorite of mine. Maybe because its the only flying map that doesn't have defenses. That pretty much outlines the major points of the map. So without further ado, the game.

With starting credits at 350, my first idea was to get a humvee with engineer, pick up a hotwire and rush. However I failed to take into consideration the fact that with about 20 people per team, this had very little chance of working. If it were only a two-a-team game it could be surprisingly effective.

The plan was quickly foiled, as I was killed barely after entering the Hand of Nod. I then decided to put my money towards getting an orca. (helicopter, for those of you unfamiliar with the game) This too however was soon thrawrted by the number of snipers on the other team, snipers being surprisingly effective against helicopters. It was not long however, until my team managed to destroy the nod airstrip limiting the other team to infantry.

With this idea in mind, I bought an APC and went guns blazing into the enemy base. I scored tons of kills driving all around the base. In the ensuing chaos, our weapons factory got nuked, but the Hand of Nod was destroyed.

My team now assumed a strategy of hunting down what was left of the high class nod infantry. But a SBH(stealth black hand) snuck into our base, nuking our power plant. We still had a point lead and we were all still killing the helpless low armored nod infantry. They set off a number of fake beacons, leading me back to my base. In a very bad maneuver as I got out to refill my apc got stolen by that damned SBH. I had a lot of money at this point and felt no remorse in dropping $2000 (loss of power doubles costs for those who didn't know) for a havoc.

I sniped from the top of the mountain getting more kills. They were continuing to set off fake beacons, but one turned out to be real. Damn. Down goes the refinery, leaving us with only the barracks. Luckily however, there were only a couple minutes left, and we still had a huge point advantage. I ran about the nod base getting as many kills as i could. Time ran out. We won.

In this game I got about 40 kills (a lot) and would have gotten upwards of 50 ladder points if the system were operating. Our team combined for I think about 270 kills (also a lot). Overall, pretty fun game.

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