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» Battle Reports » tuasperdu Iraq Vs. xfearxmee Iraq

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
tuasperdu +25 beat xfearxmee -25

Map:Montana DMZ
Game Length:16 minutes

After three straight wins, (one on a dc though) I was not feeling the most confident. First time in a while that I had managed to get 500 points and get into the top 500.

Anyway, I started in the bottom left, him topright giving him the airport. Oh well. Scouting went pretty well, my first two dogs failed but one I sent along the top opened up most of his base. I saw a flak track and a terror drone which led me to think that he would put the td and an engi into the flak, which led me to wall in my conyard.

I stretched down to the gems and then northwest to the other gems. For a moment early on he had a chance to attack, but I don't think he scouted very well, so didn't know what assets I had. A paradrop landed in my base around this time (probably well placed) I dealt with it swiftly. I built more war factorys getting as many as four by the time I had stretched to the other ore.

As I watched the replay, I realized exactly how sickly I was outtanking him, but I was deterred from attacking due to the large amount of fodder created by paradrops. He built a kirov but I quickly built six flak tracks which forced him to pull it back.

Here, I stopped concentrating for a second, bad yes, but anyways, he sneaked a bus by my conyard and took my barracks and one war factory. That is listed as a cheat/bug on this site, but reporting it seems silly, as it probably would have worked if he had used a flak track.

At this point, my side is out of ore and my opponent's isn't. By this logic I reason that I must have a ton more tanks than he does. So I sent them on the southern bridge with a lot of dogs and kill a couple of his miners. I send three desolators who weaken his tank division slightly.

He sends a couple desos in that same bus,(Does the bus not get automatically shot by my tanks?) and takes out most of my fodder. Unfortunately for him I have something like thirty more tanks than him, and squish most of his conscripts besides. Wrapping up the base is not difficult.

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