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» Battle Reports » prdezvous GDI Vs. lotsofguys Nod

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Type:Custom Match
Mode:C&C Mode
prdezvous beat lotsofguys

Game Length:Unknown

When I saw this map, I was relieved to find that I was on GDI. GDI seems to have a number of small advantages on this map, and to me it seems like they win most of the time. The AGT's machine guns are able to fire into the center tiberium cave kind of thing, firing at the harvestor and preventing nod infantry from crossing to the other side.

A couple people on my team alongside myself went for engineers and threw tons of c4 on the nod harvestor killing it pretty fast. We repeated this process again before going for vehicles. I went for a medium tank and repeatedly killed the harvestor. Numerous engineers prevented me and another medium tank from destroying any buildings.

A flame tank charged us, and as I was trying to backup, I ran into a stone column, getting my tank blown up, but I was able to avoid getting squished and helped the other tank take it out. I next bought an APC and moved it to the right side. An opposing APC met me on the way. With the help of a sydney, I killed him while he was trying to repair. A stealth tank soon came. I retreated, knowing that he couldn't get through the c4ed entrance.

It was now that I heard "Nod power plant destroyed" and promptly drove into the enemy base. I started getting kills all around, while my teammates made short work of the other buildings.

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