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» Battle Reports » prdezvous Nod Vs. numerous GDI

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Type:Custom Match
Mode:C&C Mode
prdezvous beat numerous

Game Length:Unknown

A renegade battle report!?!?! I hear some of you cry, well, I've decided to throw one in for variety's sake. We'll see how this goes.

For those of you who are not familiar with the map, (despite the fact that pretty much anyone who cares enough to read this would know the map) each base has four buildings, no power plant. A field separated by a river with three bridges is in the relative middle. A barn is there as well as two bunkers on opposite sides. Also, tiberium lies on either side of the river meaning harvestors have to leave the base to gather. A small tunnel complex also runs in between the bases, and opens to the field to provide a sniper vantage point.

Other various figures that may help you are 0 starting credits, and I think 12 people to a team.

Anyway, I start on NOD and do what pretty much anyone would do and run straight into the tunnels. I score a kill and run into the thick of a mini battle at the GDI end of the tunnel, but manage to get away.

At this point, the harvestor comes in giving just enough for a light tank. Someone else and I go to the field and take out the GDI harvestor. Nod has the advantage in this time frame because GDI has no vehicles cheap enough that can effectively fight a light tank that early. We start pounding the weapons factory, but they are inside repairing it.

They catch up and a couple of medium tanks come out. We pull back somewhat, also in the knowledge that there is also a havoc about. With the assistance of a raveshaw and a mobile artillery, we retake conrtol of the middle. Again, we start pounding the weapons factory. They lose a MRLS and a medium tank trying to push us back. At this point a lot of them are inside the war factory repairing, and I realize that their is little between us and the AGT.

I suggest attacking and the rest of my team seems to agree, as we all charge. From there one building of theirs fell after another. I racked up a lot of kills running people over and I think I took third among my team, making for a lot ladder points, although I don't think the Renegade ladder is actually active.

So does this really make sense? Do Renegade battle reports really have a place on a predominantly RA2 site? You decide.

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