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» Battle Reports » Corsair Iraq Vs. SirGolgi Iraq

Author:Chris (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
Corsair +31 beat SirGolgi -31

Map:Lake Blitzen
Game Length:6 minutes

First battle report I have written in 3 weeks, and this will be the first of the lot coming today and tomorrow. I'll start with a few memorable games from last month.

My last game of November.

I had been waiting in QM for a while for someone with enough points to get matched with. I had been going up steady on the nick Corsair 3 hours before the ladder reset, but the last few hours had got me stuck at 863 points, only 9 points below my 2-year old record of 872 points. At 11.35PM I went into QM one last time before going to bed, and luckily I was matched with someone with just 10 points less than me. If I won I would surely get around 30 points, breaking my record of 872.

Both of us loaded, both Iraq, now hope for a map that allows a rush of some sort to quickly get it over with as my parents told me to stop at 11.15 already. I got Lake Blitzen. Shit. But top right. Yay. I went for a quick and cheap 2 dog scout, stretch as far as I could to the bottom right and take my derrick on the left side of the map. I went for a power, barracks, refinery, war factory straight tanks build order. SirGolgi wasn't expecting this as I think he hadn't scouted my base and built a shipyard, engineers and amphib transport before his war factory. With my miner eating gems and his eating the twice as less valuable gold and him having spent a lot of money on engineers his money counter soon hit 0 and production stagnated.

With my bunch of tanks, about 4, I picked off his miner, power plant and then the War Factory. He said he hated the position and replied that I agreed and that I rushed because I was in a hurry. I finished off his base quickly, his shipyard too but apparantly he had built something by his captured derricks on the islands in the middle as the game wasn't over yet. I asked him to quit, because I was kind of pressured. But anyway, stressed as I was it took me a while before I realized I could just take and Amphib with tanks to the island and kill him. Though the moment I placed my shipyard his Amphib transport emerged from the shroud by my base and the single engineer in it took my barracks!

I quickly repacked my mcv and took it somewhere safe. Stupid as I was I had not been producing tanks, despite having two war factories. He managed to take my power plant and War Factory too, but then I sold my last war fac giving me a bunch of conscripts to kill his incoming engineers. Also, my tank force had now arrived at my base and wiped out the buildings he captured. I then proceeded to build an Amphib and take it to his island. At that time, he quit.

+31 points for me, placing a new personal record of 894 points. Happy

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