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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Iraq Vs. xcl4u Great Britain

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
robofcncs +40 beat xcl4u -40

Map:Cold War
Game Length:24 minutes

Back to winning ways with a pretty solid win. Unfortunately for my opponent, Great Britain seem particularly useless on this map. Sheer brute force is what will always win.

I started in the top right, quickly capturing all the derricks in the bottom right and going for one miner out of my war factory. Scouting went well, uncovering the majority of the map. I went for straight tanks and several successive refineries before going for my second factory. My enemy went for an AFC and stretched to the gems in the top middle early on (he started in the top left).

I sent my tanks across, forcing him to mine the ore instead of the precious gems. However, he had a nice collection of dogs as fodder - so I chose to retreat after a while. I teched up, going for a quick dreadnought and nuclear reactor. My economy was strong. However, my opponent built a bunch of dolphins and put pay to the dreadnought just before it was about to destroy the bottom left derrick. I had built 4 subs and sent them to his yard, selling mine when his dolphins arrived.

Meanwhile, my tanks were adding up quickly. My enemy had teched up, and had a few pillboxes/GIs in the top left protecting him from attack. I sent a few desolators across in flak traks, which quickly hit his defence hard. I pushed forwards with my rhinos, eventually over-running his base. I had destroyed his second war factory with another tank attack earlier, so my advantage was paying off.

My opponent blew all the bridges to the bottom left position, stopping me dead in my tracks. He quickly build up a refinery, AFC and multiple barracks - going for a rocketeer rush. I built a few kirovs, flak cannons and then eventually straight flaks to combat this. After dealing with several attacks, I repaired the bridges in the middle and charged his base. I destroyed it with ease. The four subs I had made earlier suddenly became useful, charged with destroying his naval yard.

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