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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Iraq Vs. tasoeur01 Iraq

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
tasoeur01 +43 beat robofcncs -43

Map:Lake Blitzen
Game Length:67 minutes

After my gruelling game earlier, another long one was exactly what I didn't want. Sods law, hey?

Scouting went fine, managing to uncover most of the map save for the top section. I had started in the bottom left, quickly stretching down to the gems. My opponent sent a drone at my miner, trying to distract it with a dog - however, a well placed sentry gun sorted the problem out before he could react. My opponent moved his MCV to the top gems quite early, unfortunately out of my sight.

We both built straight tanks for a while. I decided to go for my navy quite early, securing the derricks and airport. I teched up, building the lab and a nuclear reactor off the airport island. I built a number of squids, then popped for a dreadnought. I was only able to destroy a few buildings with this before an enemy squid snagged it. Gutted. I built a number of subs and got rid of my opponent's presence in this half of the water.

Meanwhile, not a lot was happening on the ground. I thought I had a few more tanks than my opponent, but I couldn't be too sure as his top base was covered. I built an iron curtain on the airport island, quickly sending my tank mass to the top right when it was almost ready. However, I was a little too eager here. My tanks arrived around 20 seconds too early, which allowed him to launch his tanks at mine with the aid of fodder and miners. I retreated, which wasn't ideal. Eventually I got the curtain on 5 tanks (and 2 of his!), which pushed him back while I picked off a few harvesters. I made a paradrop by my derrick and moved a few more tanks I had at my base up. However, it was rather obvious that it wasn't going to be enough. I was out of money just to compound the situation.

My tanks were crushed, while I hastily constructed a radar and placed it on one of my islands in the lake. Naval was my only chance now. I sold my remaining land units, sending my miners around the top left. A paradrop had already put paid to his derrick.

I built an Ivan from the barracks I had on the derricks island - sending him to blow up the bridge. I pushed through, destroying my opponent's navy in this half of the lake. I knew there would be squids hidden somewhere, waiting for my $2000 dreadnought to appear. I scouted out the whole lake, eventually finding two and killing them with a mixture of squids and subs.

My dreadnought was now ready, and I pushed it north. I had already captured the derricks in this half of the map (my opponent had captured them and left them unguarded). I destroyed his battle lab and a few other pieces, but he was already making his plans. A few Kirovs were sent down the edge of the map, out of range from my sea scorpions. Meanwhile, he destroyed the forest in the very top left and built a new base there - including a nuke silo.

I continued to attack with my dreadnought, but there was little I could do to be honest. His Kirovs took out my airport island when I failed to spot them coming across (costing me the airport, nuclear reactor, iron curtain and battle lab). My enemy then repaired the bridge and several of my units became stuck in it - including squids and subs. Not ideal.

His nuke eventually destroyed my derrick island - but he still had some way to go. Nuke missiles are useless against naval yards - and I had two of them. He had to take control of the water somehow. After about 20 minutes, I finally lost my dreadnought to tanks by the edge. In this period, I had tried numerous times to sneak an engineer transport through his base, but he was simply too alert.

With a steady income stream, my opponent started building numerous subs in the top half of the lake - desolators on the bridge killed all of my units stuck in it. I had a measly 4 subs and a group of sea scorpions to hold back his final assault. Needless to say, they didn't make much difference.

So, where did I go wrong? Possibly in several areas - maybe too much money on navy, maybe attacking slightly too soon, maybe not moving my MCV to the bottom left before I ran out of money or maybe not going for a second war factory. Who knows.
some_of_his_base.jpg (209kb, 270 downloads)
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