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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Iraq Vs. build2mid Cuba

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
robofcncs +34 beat build2mid -34

Map:Hammer and Sickle
Game Length:33 minutes

This was a really fun game - quite intricate due to the involvement of super weapons. I know that some people slate them, but I really do believe that they add that extra dimension. Given the map, it was possible to actually play around them, as will be explained.

Everything started as normal, I in the slightly superior bottom right to my opponent's top left. Scouting went well, managing to uncover all important parts of the map. However, my initial build order didn't go well. I managed to que a naval yard instead of my first war factory - and didn't notice this until the thing was ready! I quickly cancelled, building my war factory instead. This put me about 3/4 of a miner behind, possibly more. I still went for two miners, then straight tanks. My enemy did the same, having a slight advantage early on because of my mistake.

We both eventually teched up, my enemy going for an iron curtain whilst I went for a quick dread. Seeing this, my opponent built a naval yard of his own and went for a squid. This managed to latch onto my dreadnought, but thanks to a few subs I quickly established dominance in the water. Before the squids arrival, I had managed to push the enemy off the middle island (yes, he had moved there and built a refinery - tank advantage remember) with a few well places missiles.

My opponent went right back into his base, obviously wanting to protect his MCV. I pushed all of my tanks onto the middle of the island, going to the bottom of the top bridge and blocking it off. Knowing that my opponent's iron curtain would be ready very soon, I was planning on simply destroying the bridge to prevent him crossing. However, things took a little turn at this point.

My enemy decided to move his MCV down the middle. By some miracle, my only terror drone (which was supposed to be with my tanks on the middle island) was scuttling right past it, set on attacking some other unit. I quickly droned the MCV, forcing my opponent to use the iron curtain on his MCV to stop it being destroyed. At this point, I destroyed the top bridge. My enemy sent his tanks to the bottom of what remained of it, obviously to have a few pot shots at my tanks (which were all in a lovely boxed formation). My tanks returned fire and blew more of the bridge up - sinking a number of his tanks. I know had the advantage in this area - I just had to hold back the iron curtain.

My dreadnought was attacking from the top by this point, but numerous flak cannons were limiting it after the early damage it inflicted (reactor, refinery and battle lab all went). However, my opponent had managed to purchase a nuke silo by this point.

I sent a tank split to the bottom left, where his MCV was totally unprotected. I was causing it severe damage, almost having destroyed it, before that pesky iron curtain struck again. I took out a few tesla reactors he had built by it instead, before my tanks succumbed to the tank mass that my enemy had sent down from the north.

At this point, I was picking off tanks and flak traks with my dread - whilst continually building new tanks. I had quite the collection. However, that damn nuke was ready. I lost my radar, lab and a refinery in my original base.

This mattered little however, I had moved my MCV to the middle and began building structures in a long stretch to prevent a second missile being quite as effective. Once I had decided I had enough tanks, it was time to repair the bridge. I sent them all over, crushing his own tanks and all of his base. I know moved down to the south, quickly crushing what remained in that base.

It was all over, seemingly. But his MCV had gone. Where, oh where could it be? Given that I'm somewhat a master in hiding the MCV, it didn't take me long to find it (see screenshot).
the_last_stand.jpg (198kb, 241 downloads)

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