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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Iraq Vs. misfits Korea

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
robofcncs +29 beat misfits -29

Map:Official Tournament Map B
Game Length:14 minutes

A hectic start to this game eventually peetered out to give me a comfortable win. My opponent went for a very quick AFC, going for a few eagles straight away on top of a few rocketeers.

I had started at the bottom and secured my derrick with no problems, I also got a comfortable look around his base. He positioned his AFC next to his derrick and began to attack with the eagles and rocketeers.

I had gone for straight tanks, and quickly decided to go for a few flak traks - I built around 3 or 4, which proved more than enough to dent his air efforts. He was behind me on tanks, no doubt due to spending too much early doors. I eventually pushed forwards with my tank/flak mass, smashing his base with relative ease. I then turned towards his derrick, but he managed to sell the afc and blow the bridge with a Tanya.

I was unsighted on this part of the map, but it was rather obvious what was coming. Carriers or Tanya. I walled my MCV, quickly going for straight flaks - there were no enemy units left in the middle now. I also placed a flak cannon by my refinery and MCV, right before my enemy began shooting. Of course, this meant I map hacked apparently. The various flak defenses proved more than adequate as I moved my MCV to the middle, just in case.

I had constructed a few naval yards and built a number of subs, but these proved to be inadequate against the enemy dolphins - despite my desolator helping them on the edge of the coast.

I repaired the bridge by the enemy derrick, quickly sending my units right across - Tanya was stationed by the hut and managed to blow the bridge, but not before 3 or 4 tanks had crossed. They were more than enough to take out the battle lab and derrick. My opponent resigned.
moving_mcv_to_middle.jpg (257kb, 211 downloads)

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