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» Battle Reports » tuasperdu America Vs. scarfce69 France

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
tuasperdu beat scarfce69

Map:May Day
Game Length:Unknown

I started on top, securing the distant derricks first before getting the "free" group. He stopped me from scouting very far so I quickly built an AFC to do some rocketeer scouting.

We both went for groups of rocketeers, but he ignored going for tanks early on, leading to my assaults on his group of distant derricks, though not altogether successful because of his rocketeers combined with a patriot system.

Soon I went naval and thwarted his attempt to do the same. My first step was to finish the aforementioned derricks. He went for periodic attempts at grands cannons, I took care of them all.

At various points he tried to send a nighthawk with engis across the river, an AEGIS cruiser stopped it twice and the final time my mirages killed it on the ground.

His last ditch attempt was using some mirages on the shoreline to take out the carriers, but four destroyers did for them easily. He left quickly afterwards.

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