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» Battle Reports » tuasperdu America Vs. noypiiiii Cuba

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
tuasperdu beat noypiiiii

Map:Montana DMZ
Game Length:Unknown

What's my obsession with choosing names that in french, tell my opponents that they lose or have lost? I really don't know. Anyways, I've decided to try and improve my play with the Allies.

I start in the bottom right, unfortunately meaning he has almost exclusive access to the airport. I successfully scout his base and immediately go for AFC after war factory to get a couple rockys out. I stretch down to the gems and go for straight grizzlies after a miner.

I'm dancing my tanks around trying to avoid terror drones while he is able to build a couple miners from his war factory. Nontheless I stretch to the other gem patch, and then to the topleft start pos ore, getting another factory up and teching up to mirages. By now, he is outtanked badly, so I send my mirages across the southern bridge and move them near his miners.

After losing one or two, He sends his tanks to try and deal with the problem, but my mirages easily deal with his tanks, and continue to take out his miners. I also send my grizzlys across the middle bridge and attack his base. He quickly resigns.

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