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» Battle Reports » if10aty0u Iraq Vs. xxmustang Iraq

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
if10aty0u +29 beat xxmustang -29

Game Length:8 minutes

I knew this would be a pretty fun game, as xxmustang/veg/iscareppl is a pretty awesome player, as shown by his current rank of 4, and Heartland is a fun map with lots of action and possibilities for tank splits etc.

As I started at the top right position, I knew that my ownership of the bottom right derrick would not be challenged. With this in mind, I only sent one dog down there just to reveal enough ground to place buildings on later on, and sent the other two to effectively scout out the entire map so I wouldn't be totally surprised by any tank splits out of the shroud.

We both opt to make two miners from the factory, which is pretty much the best option on this map as long as your opponent doesn't go for straight tanks. I use my drone to kill his first tank, while he manages to get one of my miners. Seeing as I was half way through making my 2nd war factory, I decide to kill the miner instead of halting production in order to make a service depot. This loss isn't that great however, as my economy is still very strong with 5 miners.

By this stage I've already begun to stretch along the bottom of the map off the br derrick so I can access the two southern most ore patches. While I'm doing this, I decide to make things interesting and start threatening him with my tanks+dogs. I try to catch him off guard and attack his miners without his tanks reacting, but I have no such luck as he also starts producing desolators to go with his already substantial tank force.

Noticing that he has built a battle lab off his set of stretched buildings along the nothern edge of the map, I send most of my tanks up there, leaving only a few to guard against any tank split he might send to destroy my miners at the southern patches. I strike quickly, hoping to destroy his lab before he can get his tanks and desolators into a decent position. Having accomplished this, I see his tanks are vulnerable, and run right at them. His tanks are pretty much obliterated, as his desolators weren't in a good position to protect them and my dogs gave me good support as fodder.

As all his tanks had been destroyed, I ran my tanks through all his ore patches, effectively destroying his economy, while avoiding his many desolators as best as possible. Realising he can't win however, he quits.

I was going to rematch him, but when I went into qm again I got matched with someone else. Still, I'll post a report of the rematch when it's played.

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