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» Battle Reports » iflyudie Korea Vs. matrixdb1 America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
iflyudie +41 beat matrixdb1 -41

Map:South Pacific
Game Length:27 minutes

Ahh, what is that sweet fragance? The smell of sweet revenge? I think so.

I was in a bad mood because of my previous defeat at the hands of this opponent, and now had the perfect opportunity to get my own back. South Pacific is one of those maps I know off by heart, and Korea are very useful on it.

I started in the bottom right, quickly building two engineers and sending them North to capture the airport and derrick. My opponent already had a dog waiting by the far derrick, which managed to eat my own dog - it didn't have time to eat my engineer however. Derrick taken. Scouting didn't go too well however - only uncovering the bottom of his base and lower derrick.

I went for straight tanks, quickly sending them to the middle and making my paradrop there. My opponent was slightly behind at this point, possibly going for a miner straight out - not really necessary on a resource laden map like this. I also noticed an IFV, which was perhaps destined for a quick engineer rush before he thought better of it.

I lost a refinery in my base to a well time paradrop at this point, having to quickly construct another one to replace it. I had just placed down my second factory, so needed to get my income back quickly. I chose to make the refinery off my northern derrick, given that there was only a small amount of gems remaining in my base.

At this point, my enemy began hassling with rocketeers. I built a few IFVs to hold him off, quickly building my own AFC and then rocketeers and eagles. I continued to hold off his paradrop attempts, placing dogs around my base. After thwarting another rocketeer attack, I sent a rocketeer to his lower derrick to begin hassling it - at the same time I dropped my paratroopers on the cliff above and quickly used them to blow it up. I walked them up to the airport but a pillbox and group of rocketeers took care of them.

We both had quite a few forces in the middle now, but I was forced to retreat to the safety of my base when my opponent turned up with some prism tanks. I quickly teched up, going for a few mirage tanks before my own prism ones. My black eagles helped to destroy them, though I lost a few due to a number of IFVs in his ranks.

My opponent kept threatening to split to the north and take my derrick/afc, but I kept threatening to go right through the middle - which kept bringing him back. Eventually, I had a few prism tanks and he had none. I pushed forwards, with the prisms making short work of his infantry army. With my extra tanks and mirage units, I was able to push him right back into his base. I gave chase.

My enemy had constructed a naval yard a few minutes earlier, choosing to opt for an aegis (obviously hoping to thwart my Eagles). I built my own in the top right, choosing to go for a pack of dolphins. Whilst I was pushing into his base, my enemy started to take advantage of his aircraft carrier. I pushed on despite this, knowing I had a good chance to severly cripple him. My dolphins arrived and soon sunk his ships and took care of the naval yard.

Meanwhile, an impressive war was waging in his base. I was suffering casualties due to a group of rocketeers and no method of rebuttal, but at the same time was destroying many of his buildings. I took out his lab with my eagles, his purifier, AFC and refinery with my tanks, then combined a paradrop with my eagles to remove his only derrick. I chose to retreat down the airport cliff at this point, only coming out with 3 grizzlies - but the damage was done.

I had qued straight IFVs at my base, knowing my opponent would have little other way of attacking me. I also had a few mirage units and grizzlies spare. Quickly going round the south of the map, I moved up to the airport and started to finish it off. I also took care of his remaining tanks and rocketeers. This was helped by the fact that one of my IFVs was elite (quite how it got to this status I have no idea). At this point, my opponent decided he'd had enough.

A very pleasing win.
pushing_forwards.jpg (233kb, 256 downloads)
destroying_his_base.jpg (256kb, 245 downloads)
victory.jpg (295kb, 274 downloads)

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