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» Battle Reports » iflyudie Korea Vs. matrixdb1 America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
matrixdb1 +28 beat iflyudie -28

Map:Snow Valley
Game Length:6 minutes

This was a very frustating loss - all down to a stunted economy thanks to an engy IFV.

We both scouted each other out, I made sure to scout all around the map - which is very important on Snow Valley. I went for two miners and then straight tanks, building a few more refineries before placing my AFC.

My opponent went for one miner, then I saw him load an engineer IFV. I watched it come up the left of the map (I was in the top right), deciding to just wait and deal with in the base. I had a few GIs, dogs and 4 tanks - so didn't think it would be a problem. Right.

He ducked the attention of my tanks, heading straight down to my refinery - he managed to capture it. I had obviously hesitated in selling it given that I didn't have any others - so I had to destroy it and start building a new one.

I had already built a power plant down into the valley, which came under immediate threat when my opponent made a paradrop and sent his superior tank numbers to back it up. I moved my units down into the valley and tried to hold them off - but it was in vain.

If I had chosen to block the engy IFV off at the base entrance then I wouldn't have had these problems. I would have had a better economy and could have drawn ahead with my Eagles. One bad decision, another game lost.

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