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» Battle Reports » iflyudie Korea Vs. avenger Russia

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
avenger +44 beat iflyudie -44

Map:Pinch Point
Game Length:17 minutes

This game was over after 7 minutes or so, but I managed to hold out a little longer.

I decided to go for a tactic quite often used by Rfc2005. I placed my power plant (starting on the right) and chose to make an immediate dash for the middle. I took my MCV straight down the central road and took it up onto the Northern cliff. I quickly deployed it and built a barracks right on the edge of the upper-most cliff, allowing me to place my refinery directly onto the gem patch.

My opponent noticed what I was doing at this point, having a good look around the area where my base would be. I constructed a few pillboxes at the entrance, sending a dog to scout out his base. I quickly placed my war factory and went for straight tanks.

I saw a number of flak traks by my opponent's base, but my dog was killed at this point. However, it was rather obvious that they were going to be filled with infantry and that my opponent would rush me. I built a few dogs and GIs, hoping that I would have enough to hold off the initial assault. With my superior economy, I would surely triumph in the long game.

My opponent charged up the hill with a few tanks and the said flak traks - a number of conscripts and tesla troopers popped out. I held off the assault for a while, but eventually his tanks broke through - he managed to destroy my war factory and barracks. I constructed another barracks on the gem patch and qued straight GIs. I also placed three pillboxes at the ramp to the said area.

My opponent only had a few tanks left by now - so he decided to wait it out. I kept building straight GIs, managing to send my miner down the cliff to collect ore now and again - warping it back several times before it was about to be killed.

At this point it became obvious that my opponent had sold his MCV - he wasn't teching up or even building a few V3 rockets for that matter. This meant it would be difficult for him to win, without the help of units that I would have had no response to whatsoever.

After a while, he filled up several flak traks with dogs. He brought them, complete with 3 war miners and a bunch of tanks, up to my base. He charged - I had numerous GIs, so managed to kill all the flaks and, eventually, all of the dogs. A few units became elite in this process, but my opponent had finished off my pillboxes and was now finishing off my base with his tanks. He simply squashed my remaining forces, snatching victory.

I won't be moving straight away against a decent Soviet opponent again.

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