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» Battle Reports » if10aty0u Iraq Vs. Afr1mo Iraq

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
if10aty0u +41 beat Afr1mo -41

Map:Cold War
Game Length:5 minutes

The game started with me in the top left position, facing Afr1mo opposite me in the rop right. This meant that I had the advantage of the airport, which can be quite useful if used properly.

I start by quickly securing my oil derricks and airport, and head off to scout him, effectively revealing his entire base with my 3 dogs. Seeing he was making 2 miners from his war factory, I did the same, but also sent a drone over to his base to try and take out a miner. I managed to get one as it came out of his war factory, putting him off his building for a second as he was forced to make a depot to repair it.

With this slight advantage, I decide to put the pressure on right away, dropping paras near his base and sending my tanks with a few dogs to meet them. Realising this wouldn't work yet because he had a couple of desos to deal with my fodder, I make a run downwards to maybe catch him sleeping and take out a miner down there, but mostly so I can meet up in the middle with the tanks I'm now producing from my 2nd war factory which I created next to my derrick near the bottom left of the map.

His tanks, which were pursuing mine, turn back when they realise my tank numbers have grown to proportions he can't deal with. Not letting him take in this new information, I decided to again head for his main base. As Afr1mo had been teching for a dreadnought and Iron Curtain, he didn't have enough tanks to stop my own tanks from killing his miners as I ran them first through his main ore field, and then his lower ore field.

Left with no money, my opponent was pretty much gone. However, just to be sure I put up a naval yard along with a battle lab, just incase he'd gotten a dreadnought out and might annoy me with it. My fears were unfounded, however, and he resigned after I'd defeated all his tanks.

The attached ss will be useful for anyone wanting to learn this map. It shows how to effectively utilise all your ore patches, and gain map control.

SCRN0300.jpg (249kb, 326 downloads)

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