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» Battle Reports » iflyudie Korea Vs. sasmike America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
sasmike +23 beat iflyudie -23

Map:Depth Charge
Game Length:18 minutes

I was slightly disappointed to lose this, as I had an ever so slight lead early on. It came down to a few errors of judgement which eventually allowed my opponent to over-take me.

My build order (from the bottom right, to his top left) went 'power - ore - afc (1 eagle) - barracks (straight rockies) - refinery - refinery - naval (aegis)'.

I decided to just leave my rocketeers right at the barracks when they came out, thus reducing my opponents chances of hearing their rocket packs. I scouted with my black eagle, making sure to uncover the edges in my corner of the map.

My opponent sent a rocketeer into my base to scout, but it ran straight into my group - killing it swiftly. We both knew what was happening now - it was a battle for the air. I quickly moved my rocketeers to the middle, managing to kill his with a few remaining.

I was ahead, but now things were about to turn. My opponent landed a good paradrop and managed to take out a refinery - I was somewhat crippled, having to waste time to get another one up and running. Meanwhile, I still had just enough rocketeers to hold him off - though he was building rather a few of his own.

Once my income was steady again, I decided to plump for an aegis - thinking this would negate his rocketeer swarm. Wrong. My opponent managed to fly around the edge of my base and take out a refinery. My aegis, despite being placed on the very edge of the land, was unable to attack them.

I decided to retaliate with my own rocketeers - attacking his power plants on his base and also using one of my eagles to help. I managed to destroy them both quite easily. My opponent ran out of power, hardly surprising given his numbers of patriots. I destroyed his AFC but then made the fatal error of trying to kill off his MCV - I took it down to low yellows, but he restored power and thwarted my attempts. I should have gone for his refinery and barracks.

In the middle, I was rapidly losing control. My opponent had managed to stretch south and build patriots - rendering all my attackings units helpless. I had garrisoned one derrick, but recognised that he would simply capture the other two unless I did something about it. I destroyed them with my rocketeers, who were able to reach them without going into the range of the patriots.

I captured the derrick on the small island near my base at this point, getting ready to send my MCV across the waters to the opposite starting point. My opponent began to build naval yards at this point - I had 3 destroyers and so attacked, backing them up with my rocketeers to help thwart his dolphins (he had teched up earlier). Despite killing off a few yards, dolphins eventually proved too strong and numerous for me to sustain naval control.

With my rocketeers desperately trying to save my remaining naval units, he captured my derrick with an engineer nighthawk, made a paradrop and attacked from the south with his rocketeers. Crushed.

If I had chosen to build a few patriots instead of that aegis, it could and would have been a different story.

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