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» Battle Reports » if10aty0u Iraq Vs. Afr1mo Iraq

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
Afr1mo +29 beat if10aty0u -29

Map:Isle Of War
Game Length:11 minutes

Things just went absolutely awfully for me in this game, and I totally deserved to lose.

I start off on the right side of Isle of War, which is the side I generally prefer. However, I'm used to playing as allies and putting my afc on top of the cliff, but playing as soviets, I had to adjust a little bit. In the end, I totally mess it up and can't even place anything there, which means I have no money for about 3 mins. During this time, I mostly just chuckle at my own stupidity, but anyway.

Scouting didn't go too well either, as although I killed his first dog, I couldn't get into his base as my dogs were all promptly eaten by a couple of superdogs. I actually decided to send a drone through the pass, which my some miracle jumped into a tank, but it didn't really help me that much as I couldn't attack because he had more than enough tanks to defend himself.

Soon enough, after a bit of sitting at opposite ends of the bridge and picking off each other's miners from the ledges, he makes a kirov and Iron Curtain. I don't see much of the Kirov during the game, it just seemed to visit, get half killed by flak, then depart as silently as it came without doing any damage whatsoever.

I foil his first attempt at using the Iron Curtain by destroying the bridge just as he started to cross, but for his second attempt he decides to run right through the pass. Normally, I'd love this, because I'd easily be able to pick off his tanks as they came through pretty much one by one, but because this was the first game of the night and it was already almost 1am, I didn't even realise until it was too late, and his tanks were already well bunched up. The fight was still pretty close though, but the Iron Curtain gave him a huge advantage.

I started laughing hysterically again as I saw some of my tank reinforcements, which would have perhaps turned the battle my way and given me a real chance, die 1 by 1 as they drove over my service depot. It was pretty funny, but deprived me of a pretty decent chance, as by that stage I'd constructed an Iron Curtain of my own.

Not complaining though, pretty much outplayed.
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