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» Battle Reports » iflyudie Korea Vs. choc212 America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
choc212 +28 beat iflyudie -28

Map:Hammer and Sickle
Game Length:19 minutes

This was a rather horrible defeat, essentially occuring in the breadth of a horrible half-minute.

Scouting went the same for both of us - managing to uncover each others bases adequately. I made sure to scout all around the map, especially given that my opponent was America. I went for 3 miners out of my war factory, noting that my enemy went for two.

With a decent income in case, helped by the gems in the bottom right (to my opponent's top left), I managed to build quite a few tanks and get my AFC up fairly quickly. However, my opponent was making an awful lot of rocketeers - forcing me to build several IFVs. He kept hassling with these, forcing me to keep an eye out, whilst I did likewise with my black eagles.

At this point he chose to expand to the bottom left, whilst I was planning on doing the exact same to the middle island. However, I failed to take my units with my MCV - and ended up rushing it back towards my base when his tanks appeared at the top of the island. I sent mine back in reply, managing to move the MCV across and deploy it whilst fending off a paradrop.

At this point I heard my opponent make two Tanyas, which I presumed would appear somewhere in the water at some point. What was about to happen next totally threw me. My opponent sent two Tanya IFVs from either side of the map at the same time. The first one ended up next to my MCV (I hadn't blocked the upper bridge off), whilst the bottom one ended up next to my sole war factory (I thought he was going to blow the bridge with it to allow naval units through). I lost both structures despite the efforts of my grizzlies and IFVs that were collected around them. I was essentially crippled. I had been moment away from placing my refinery down on the island, so my miners were now forced to make the long journey there each time.

I qued straight rocketeers, having little other option. I sent all of my tanks and most of my IFVs (I had to leave a few at my base in case he went for base swap) to his base. I attacked, possibly with a few more units, but his defences and rocketeers helped him win the battle. At the same time, I had tried sending two engy IFVs to his expansion - in the hope of capturing his MCV and being able to build some useful structures.

He must have seen them in the nick of time, as his rocketeers arrived and prevented me from capturing anything more than a consolation power plant. My defences gave a brief resistance, before it was all over. Disappointing defeat. My eagles should have negated the threat of the Tanya IFVs, but I was too late off the gun.

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