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» Battle Reports » iflyudie Korea Vs. makerocki Iraq

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
makerocki +31 beat iflyudie -31

Map:Cold War
Game Length:13 minutes

I seem to have struggled somewhat on this particular map during December, and this match was no different.

I began in the top left, quickly building an assortment of engineers and a pair of dogs. I captured the derricks immediate to my base, as well as the airport. I placed my refinery off one of the derricks, getting it as close to the ore as possible. Unfortunately, things hadn't gone well to the South. Despite killing the guard dog by the derrick on the lower-middle island, my dogs had been killed and more of his were now heading towards me. I had already sent on engineer across the bridge by my base, so I knew my chances of reaching the derrick were slim. I tried to hide him at the bottom of the island, but his dogs quickly found him.

I stretched off the derricks towards the gems at the North, quickly building tanks (after 1 miner) and putting my AFC up when funds allowed. My opponent moved in to attack with a group of rhinos, but a pillbox and perfectly timed paradrop sent him back to his base. A failed paradrop attempt on his middle derrick was just thwarted by a pair of dogs and a sentry gun.

I was doing quite well at this point, despite not securing the bottom derrick. I sent a rocketeer across the map to scout out my opponent, uncovering a battle lab and nuclear reactor already! Horrible images of a fast dreadnought breaking upon my base suddenly dawned on me.

However, just as I was decided how I would react to this imminent threat, my opponent sent a flak trak full of desolators right at my tanks. I hastily retreated, having little answer. My opponent moved his tanks in - managing to kill a miner or two before threatening to attack the edge of my stretch. I had to send my tanks back across to combat this, unfortunately suffering more radiation damage in the process. They were made short work of. Meanwhile, I had a few destroyers built from a naval yard that had made his dreadnought retreat without causing any damage.

I tried sending an engy IFV around the bottom of the map to his base in a vain attempt to capture his MCV. I ended up capturing his radar in the bottom left due to desolators being everywhere.

His dreadnought finished off my naval yard from the safety of the canyon in between bottom left and top left (his tanks simply shot at my destroyers off the bridge when they tried to attack it), before he finished off what was left of my base.

In conclusion, I should have paid more attention to that desolator attack - I had two eagles at that point so it could easily have been stopped. Nevertheless, my opponent expanded well in all areas - presenting me with considerable difficulty. Outplayed.

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