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» Battle Reports » iflyudie Korea Vs. a7a7a7sd6 America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
iflyudie +18 beat a7a7a7sd6 -18

Map:Snow Valley
Game Length:38 minutes

An enjoyable but hard victory over an opponent who has previously beaten me on my Soviet nick (See Report).

Scouting went well for both of us - managing to uncover each other's bases quite thoroughly. I made sure to scout the rest of the map as well, given that expansion is often crucial on Snow Valley, one should make sure to scout the corners where there may be no immediate action.

I went for two miners out of the war factory to my opponent's one. We both went for straight tanks, whilst my opponent also chipped in with an early AFC and rocketeers. My AFC wasn't too long in coming, I also added a few IFVs to beat off his rocketeers.

I stretched off the cliff down into the valley, having numerous ore miners and a good supply of cash coming in. My opponent was trying various paradrops in the back of my base, but I managed to crush them all fairly easily. I started to produce my Eagles, whilst fending off continuos rocketeer attacks which were rather annoying! I had to be careful not to split my IFVs poorly or else the swarm would have been able to overpower them.

I pushed a tank attack back with the help of several pillboxes - I then pushed him back down to the south of the map where he had moved into the valley with his MCV in order to expand. My miners were actually making trips onto the middle cliff to harvest the gems at this point, so expansion there would have been rather silly. I chose to move to the starting point in the top left, quickly building a patriot and barracks to protect against rocketeers and paradrops. I was able to expand my economy at this point, also managing to ward off an engy IFV with my eagles.

I started to exert a bit more control at this point, hassling tanks with my eagles and producing rocketeers of my own. However, my opponent's tank force came around the top right, going into what had been my old base. I decided that I didn't really need it anymore, so I just sold it all. I built a new AFC in my new base whilst flying my Eagles across.

My opponent camped outside my base at this point, cutting off access to the ore in the fields. I had already harvested most of the gems and ore in the base area. Thanks to a battle lab, I had numerous mirage tanks and prism tanks. But my opponent had large numbers of grizzlies, IFVs and a huge swarm of rocketeers. I too had a notable group of rockies, but not quite as impressive.

I kept hassling his base to the south with eagle attacks. At this point, I snuck an engy IFV down into his base. I desperately searched for his MCV, but couldn't find it. It was seemingly obvious that my opponent hadn't seen my unit, so I tucked it away at the bottom of the map. Then I saw the MCV moving to the bottom right position to expand. I patiently waited a few seconds after it had deployed, not wanting to chance my opponent's eye. I captured and sold it.

With more eagle attacks I managed to destroy my opponent's sole war factory - he was forced to produce rocketeers on their own. However, he was sat on the ore patch that all my miners wanted to mine - I lost several of them as they went down there without a care in the world. It was obvious that I would have to move out of the comfort of my base and attack.

Thanks mainly due to my group of prism tanks, I was able to win the battle with quite a few tanks remaining. It was quite a large one, as you can see by all the potholes on the attached screenshots. I managed to destroy his IFVs, move in my rocketeers, and back up my tanks with my own IFVs to take care of his rocketeer swarm.

Once his remaining units were mopped up, I sauntered down to his base - only a few rocketeers stood in my path of victory. They were easily dealt with, whilst my prism tanks bore down on his base with glee.

Rather hard work for a paltry 18 points though.
battle_won.jpg (248kb, 268 downloads)
base_crushed.jpg (196kb, 244 downloads)

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