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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Korea Vs. serdiuk17 America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Custom Match
robofcncs +40 beat serdiuk17 -40

Map:Lake Blitzen
Game Length:8 minutes

This was actually our second game of the night, given that there has been a slight mix up earlier which left us mistakenly thinking that we hadn't actually played a tournament game. We decided this would be the rematch. Rfc2005 was good enough to observe and provide the attached screenshots.

I decided that I would try and surprise ukdevil with a quick rush. In the previous game I had gone for the tech buildings in the lake with a nighthawk, but was slowed down by harassing rocketeers.

I scouted out the map thoroughly, securing my own derrick and also managing to eat Mike's engineer en route to his derrick (I had noticed he left it quite late last time, so sent my first dog straight there). I went for a simple build order - straight tanks and successive refineries.

My war factory was placed by my derrick, in the hope that Mike had failed to scout around there. I noticed that he was going for a nighthawk and engineers, so I quickly sent my first three tanks straight at his base.

I hit his war factory head on. It was destroyed fairly quickly. Mike decided to build a group of rocketeers in response, popping up a pillbox or two to try and hold back the assault.

Wary that he had an engineer in a nighthawk (somewhere), I placed a pillbox by my MCV and deployed a few spare GIs around it. My cashflow wasn't anything to shout about, but I could just about sustain straight tanks. I eventually switched to straight IFVs to combat the rocketeers.

Once they arrived, it was just a matter of time. I mopped up a few more units, before sending a pair of black eagles to his derrick to finish off a stray pillbox.

An enjoyable game and a good opponent - cheers Mike. Thanks go to Rfc for the screenshots.
rob_base.jpg (63kb, 249 downloads)
ukdevil_base.jpg (65kb, 258 downloads)
robs_war_factory.jpg (58kb, 255 downloads)
ukdevils_nighthawk.jpg (66kb, 243 downloads)
robs_early_rush.jpg (64kb, 234 downloads)
rob_destroys_base.jpg (71kb, 254 downloads)
ukdevil_makes_a_promise.jpg (59kb, 248 downloads)
eagles_for_the_win.jpg (60kb, 249 downloads)

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